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Abruzzo, Italy
Fosso Corno

The Biscardo family owns Fosso Corno and has been producing wine since 1897. Originally the family produced wine in the Veneto. Great-grandfather, Terenzio Biscardo was the first to cellar and bottle wine and grandfather Pompilio Biscardo was the first to begin exports to Germany and Belgium. In 2001 Augusto, with son Marco and daughter Sabrina, bought the estate in Abruzzo and began renovating the vineyard in 2002.

Fosso Corno is a 30Ha estate in Abruzzo. From the hilltop vineyards you can see both the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Gran Sasso mountains to the west. The warm Adriatic and the Gran Sasso range control the climate in this part of Abruzzo that is warm and dry during the days and much cooler at night. 21 Ha are planted to Montepulciano and four Ha to olive trees. Abruzzo is largely made up of COOP’s and commercial wineries, but the Biscardo family is slowly building a name for quality Montepulciano. This variety dates back 1,200 years to this area and has adapted to the Mediterranean climate. Fosso Corno is dry farmed but a natural fresh water spring on property allows them the option to hydrate in years of extreme heat and dryness. In years they do irrigate, the goal is to allow for proper phenolic development, not to increase production. They produce dark and robust Montepulciano wines with moderate acidity. The vineyards were replanted in 1999 with old clones from the property and vineyard sites were selected with slightly east exposures to limit the heat accumulation. Wines are produced from only estate vineyards.

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Fosso Corno
Fosso Corno


Aires Montepulciano 2013
Mayro Montepulciano 2013
Il Grande Montepulcino D'Abruzzo 2012
Riserva Montepulciano D'Abruzzo 2011




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